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    Jan 12/2012

VICTORY voted as  THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR in 2011 at stormbringer.at

Mars 15/2012

OVERLAND (Steve Overland):  in production with

Christian Wolff (guitars, keys, producing)

Larry Antonino  of Unruly Child (bass)

Jay Schellen of Hurricane and Unruly Child (drums)

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June 30/2013

Mike Slamer has now started on the final mix of the Overland album.

July 15/2013

CW recently finished four guitar solos on the forthcoming Johnny Lima album.

Oct 12/2013

Live and Unplugged:

Johnny Lima, featuring Christian Wolff on guitar at Engelen, Stockholm.

Release date: 21st February 2014


                Press release Escape Music Ltd

Steve Overland - Lead & Background Vocals
Christian Wolff - Lead guitars, Rhythm guitars, Acoustic guitars, Keyboards
Mike Slamer - Additional Guitars, Bass,  Keyboards
Larry Antonino - Bass
Jay Schellen -  Drums

Produced and arranged by Mike Slamer
co- produced by: Christian Wolff at CW MusicStudios Sweden
Mixed and mastered by Mike Slamer at Shattered Studios ,Valencia CA
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music ltd.


Billy Greer (Kansas / Seventh Key ) - Background Vocals
Billy Trudel - Background Vocals
Fredrik Bergh, Additional Keys on "Liberate My Heart" and "Down Comes The Night"

1-Radio Radio 2- If Looks Could kill 3- Stranded 4- Rags To Riches 5- Liberate My Heart  6-Down Comes The Night  7- If Your Heart's Not In It 8- Rock Me 9- So This Is Love 10- Wild  11-  The End Of The Road 12- Time For Letting Go

Steve Overland is back!! a legend in his own lifetime. Is there anyone out there who is not familiar with his name? He has a history that goes way back into the late seventies, his first major recording was with the band “Wildlife” in 1980. After the demise of “Wildlife” Steve went on to form the cult British melodic rock band “FM”, a band that released many great albums throughout the eighties and nineties and more recently in 2013. Their popularity has always been at the forefront of British Hard Rock.
It’s now time for one of the finest starts to 2014 you could possible want to wish for, the album “Epic” which is the brand new release from this famous vocalist. With Mike Slamer and Billy Greer of Kansas involved in the proceedings then we are in for a big big album. “Radio Radio” is one of the most radio-friendly tracks you could ever wish to hear and so easy on the ears. Rockers abound with “If Looks Could Kill”, “Rags to Riches” and the awesome “Down comes the night”. It’s the quality of the songs and musicianship on this album that makes it so special and credit to Christian Wolff (Rob Moratti) who has also made this album so remarkable with his great guitar playing and song writing.
This is a perfect album from Steve, if you have a penchant for perfect harmonies, big guitars and soaring keyboards topped off with a top-notch production then look no further than this. A Classic – already !