Release 2006

1.    Hold On (Wolff)

2.    Hypocrites  (Wolff)

3.    Alone I Cry (La Blanc)

4.    Shaping Fate And Destiny (Eide)

5.    All I Need  (Wolff)

6.    Make It Alright (Wolff)

7.    No Wasted Moments (Carbone/Champlin)

8.    Together (Carbone/Belfield/Pinto)

9.    Too Much (Wolff)

10.  Hunger  (Wolff)

11.  The Promise (La Blanc)

  1. 12. You Don’t Know  (Wolff) Bonus Track Japan

12.  Waiting In My Dreams (Page/George/Lang) Bonus Track Europe


Thom Griffin: Vocals

Songwriter on 7 songs

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