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ISSA - “The Storm”

Release 2011

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1.    Looking For Love

2.    Please Hold On

3.    Take A Stand

4.    Invincible

5.    Two Hearts

6.    Black Clouds

7.    You're Making Me

8.    Gonna Stand By You

9.    We're On Fire

10.  Too Late For Love

11.  What Does It Take

12.  The Storm

Christian Wolff - Lead Guitar on  (9) (10)

Issa (Isabell Oversveen) Lead vocals
Guitars - David Sivelind
Bass - Johnny Trobro, Daniel Flores, David Sivelind
Drums and keyboards - Daniel Flores

Guitar solos: David Sivelind (The Storm), Robert Säll (Looking For Love),
Christian Wolff (Too Late For Love / We’re On Fire), Mats Lindfors (Take a Stand), Christopher Vetter (Black Clouds / You’re Making Me), Gabriel Forsman (Gonna Stand By You), Daniel Palmquist (Two Hearts).

Produced by Daniel Flores